My research interests...

...include quantum information, quantum technology & engineering, quantum optics, nonlinear optics, and biophysics. For details of my current research, please visit the quantum technology laboratory.

  • In my Honours undergraduate year, my research was an investigation of the formation and detection of optical vortices. After mucking around with a finicky, but pretty, sodium-dimer laser for a year, I got interested in the dynamics of active and nonlinear systems.
  • Accordingly, during my PhD I investigated, both experimentally and theoretically, the quantum noise (squeezing, etc.) and power behaviour of frequency doubling, optical parametric, and Kerr nonlinear systems. (A lot of fun, and Nd:YAG-pumped systems are a gift from the gods).
  • Consideration of the physics of those systems led to my current interest in quantum information and "quantum weirdness": tests of nonlocality, production and application of novel entangled states, quantum interrogation (aka "interaction-free" measurements), quantum computation and quantum cryptography.